Thursday, January 24, 2013

30 in 30 - #21: Hibiscus I


I photographed some fantastic hibiscus flowers outside my office building last summer.  The red was so bold I could not resist!  I enjoyed painting this after the sunshine we had today and before the alleged icy rain arrives tonight.  Is it spring yet???

I am very pleased with the values in the painting.  Value is the use of light and dark that gives depth and dimension to a piece.  One way I examine the values is to convert the scanned painting to black and white.  

Next time you see an object in your kitchen or under any light, notice the lightest/whitest spot where the light shines on the object. Follow the gradual darkness on the object's surface toward the shadow cast on the kitchen counter.  Congratulations!  You just did a value study!  Such an artful eye you have. :-)

Watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper


  1. You do beautiful work! You can see where your passion is for seeing beauty and sharing it with others. Looking forward to your future posts.


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