Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creative Stamping


I asked an artist friend, "How do you create such beautiful texture in your work?"  She replied: stamps, bubble wrap, drawer liner, a spray bottle and cap, plus whatever was on hand to create the effect she desired.  She was very kind to walk me through her process! 

I used to think stamps and other texturizing items could limit a painting, but instead learned they can enhance a composition by providing interesting shapes and text.  

This piece was my first.  I chose a dress form stand stamp, "dream" stamp, bubble wrap (circle pattern), drawer liner (grid pattern) and a room air freshener spritzer cap (white circles).  I mixed Titan Buff into the background for a softer green.  For me the stamping was fast and was an excellent "loosening up" exercise.  I enjoy finding ways to feed my creativity, and this is one I would do again.  

Thank you Beverly!  :-)

12 x 12 stretched canvas, acrylics including Golden heavy body Titan Buff

Friday, October 28, 2011

Enjoy the Fall Colors

With the leaves changing all around us, you cannot miss the display.  Simply driving around my office park is a lovely treat!  The handy-dandy cell phone camera captured the light and colors nicely.  Glance up at the next stop sign, or gaze out a window...notice how the colors shift from day to day.  And enjoy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Pair of Pears

A couple of pears for fall.  I like the composition and I enjoyed using my new round/oval palette knife.

8 x 10 stretched canvas, acrylics and high gloss gel medium