Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creative Stamping


I asked an artist friend, "How do you create such beautiful texture in your work?"  She replied: stamps, bubble wrap, drawer liner, a spray bottle and cap, plus whatever was on hand to create the effect she desired.  She was very kind to walk me through her process! 

I used to think stamps and other texturizing items could limit a painting, but instead learned they can enhance a composition by providing interesting shapes and text.  

This piece was my first.  I chose a dress form stand stamp, "dream" stamp, bubble wrap (circle pattern), drawer liner (grid pattern) and a room air freshener spritzer cap (white circles).  I mixed Titan Buff into the background for a softer green.  For me the stamping was fast and was an excellent "loosening up" exercise.  I enjoy finding ways to feed my creativity, and this is one I would do again.  

Thank you Beverly!  :-)

12 x 12 stretched canvas, acrylics including Golden heavy body Titan Buff

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