Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's okay for practice to not make perfect.

I have never enjoyed practicing.  Anything.  I want what I do to be done and perfect when I do it.  First time.  Done.  Perfect!

Okay, back to reality.  It's true I have never enjoyed practicing.  I also am a recovering procrastinator.  So how to break through these barriers and continuously improve my creations?  Just do it.  Make the supplies simple and keep them in the main room of my house.  I use a 9" x 12" newsprint sketch book and willow sticks.  Sketch anything that doesn't move for a few that plush dog sitting on the floor.  Oh, that was fun and looks good!  I'll turn it this way.  Now that way.  Nice...Rinse (the charcoal off my hands) and repeat the next day.  
What's important is that I practiced sketching, not how the sketch turned out.  Having the materials at hand, objects to sketch in my view and releasing the notion of perfection is what works for me.  

What works for you? 

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